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17 Jun 2011 01:33

I have deleted the game pages for Ferret, Steal 6, and GAME RPG. The former two are deleted at the request of the designer. The latter developed so that it doesn't use the Decktet.

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Section for pages in laguages other than English

02 Apr 2009 01:01

I've created the Translations page to gather links to content that has been translated into other languages. Right now I've only added a Spanish section for games, as I've noticed an effort to translate many games has started at the Spanish Boardgame related site labsk and I myself want to at least translate my own games.

As it is explained on the page, it's easy to create sections for other languages, so if anyone is translating games, be sure to add them to the wiki too, and to that page. Of course, feel free to ask any questions (here on the forum or by private message).

Edit: I've renamed the section to Pages in other languages because it should also include original content created in languages other than English. There is already one example of such a game: Revelacion

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Hidden Forums and RSS feeds

03 Jan 2009 03:24

I noticed that not all forum posts were appearing on the RSS feed. It seems posts from hidden forums don't appear on the RSS feed, so I've unhidden the "hidden" forum category. It seems to be the only solution to the problem.

From now on, posts made to threads in individual wiki pages should appear on the RSS feed, so no content is missed by users that use this feature…

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RSS Feeds

22 Nov 2008 14:58

I've added a couple of RSS feeds that are automatically updated when content is added/changed on the site

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Added a Comments section to game pages

22 Nov 2008 14:41

I've added the Comments module at the end of all game pages. I've also added it to the template, so games created using the form on the sidebar will automatically have it too.

This way, feedback can be offered right on the game page, as well as discussions about each game. Each comment posted also appears at the Recent Posts page.

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Site Created

18 Nov 2008 01:46

Welcome to this new site about the Decktet game system. The decktet is a card game system (similar to a regular deck of cards, but with a twist: most cards belong to 2 suits). Hopefully this sites becomes a useful tool for people interested in the system, both as players or designers. Anyone can create pages on the wiki, so adding new games is easy. Be sure to also announce new games on the forums. Feel free to post comments/suggestions and enjoy the site!

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