Designed by Cristyn Magnus
Players 1
Length ?
Extra Material None

a Decktet solitaire game

Object of the game: To merge all of the cards into a single pile.


Deal out nine cards face down, in a three by three grid. Deal nine more cards face down on top of those. Do it again, so that you have nine stacks of three cards each. Finally, deal one card face up onto each of the stacks.

Game play:

  • When a face up card on one stack is a rank higher or lower than the face up card on an adjacent stack, you may take all the face up cards from one of the stacks and move them to the adjacent stack. For example, a 4 card could move onto either a 3 or a 5.
  • When you move face up cards from a stack, immediately flip over the top face down card remaining in that stack.
  • If there are no remaining cards in a stack (if it is just an empty space) then you may move the face up cards from any adjacent stack into that space.
  • Adjacent stacks are right, left, up, or down, but not diagonal.
  • When you move a stack, you must move all the face up cards in that stack. You may not split the face up cards, and you may not move face down cards.
  • Aces may move onto either 1s or Crowns. Crowns may move onto either 9s or Aces.

The extended deck

Window is not meant to be played with the Excuse or Pawns, and I'm not sure what you would do with them. That doesn't mean you couldn't make something up.


Original design: Cristyn Magnus

Rules text: P.D. Magnus



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