Strings of Suits
Designed by MY Tian
Players 2
Length About 20 minutes.
Extra Material Suit tokens, 8 of each kind, and a tool to track scores.

It’s a chess-like game inspired by Gobang (Five-in-a-row).


1.The extended decktet. Recommend to use a small-size deck, or you'll need a large table.
2.48 suitchips, 8 of each kind.
3.A tool to track scores. Can be another kind of tokens, or simply paper and pencils.

Game play


1. Take the Aces and the Excuse out of the deck. They won’t be used in the game.

2. Set aside pawn.pngsuns.pngwaves.pngknots.pngLight Keeper and court.pngmoons.pngleaves.pngwyrms.pngRite. They are called Suit Cards.

3. Shuffle the remaining cards, and then spread them face-up to form a 6×6 grid.

4. One player chooses a card from the Suit Cards, then the other player takes the other Suit Card. The former will become the second player, and the latter will become the first player.

5. Both players take all the suitchips matching the suits on their Suit Card. (This means that each player will get 24 suitchips totally, in 3 different kinds.)

During the game

The players play alternately.

On one’s turn, the player flips an empty(face-up) card, and place one of his/her suitchips on it, which have to match one of the card’s suit(s). You can never place a suitchip on a face-dowm—— not empty, in other words—— card.

After placing the suitchip, if the player forms a 3-on-a-string, then he/she get 1 point. If the player upgrades a 3-on-a-string into a 4-on-a-string, then he/she get 2 points instead of 1. Likewise, 4 into 5, 3 points; and 5 into 6, 4 points. If the player forms more than one X-on-a-string (in different directions) in a single turn, he/she will get the points respectively.

In the game, X-on-a-string refers to exactly X suitchips of the same suit, placed in a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The X suitchips do not need to be adjacent.

If a player failed to notice that he/she had formed a X-on-a-string during his/her move, then he/she can not get the points, unless the opponent hasn't performed his/her next move yet.

End of the game

One can only skip his/her turn when he/she has no legal move. If both players skip their turns, the game ends. Record how many points did each player get in this game.

Play at least 3 games and then add up the points. The player who gets more points wins.



You can decide the playing order in an advanced way:

Firstly, deal the two Suit Cards randomly. Both players get their suitchips as the original rule goes. Then the game starts:

Player A performs a turn, then player B performs a turn, then player A performs another turn.

Then, player B can choose:
1. Nothing happens, the game continues.
OR 2. The two player exchange their Suit Cards and suitchips, and then B skips his/her turn, which means the playing order is ABA-ABABAB… .


Inspired by the traditional game Gobang (Five-in-a-row).


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