Designed by MY Tian
Players 3
Length Short
Extra Material Extended decket, a first player token and something to keep the scores

A 3-player-only climbing(shedding) game. It’s the adaption of a popular playing-card game Landlord(斗地主) in China.

Here might be a background, but I’m still thinking about it.


1.The extended decktet.
2.A token to indicate the first player.
3.Something to keep the scores.


  • If it’s the first game, determine the first player randomly. Otherwise, the player to the last first player’s left becomes the new first player.
  • Deal 14 cards to each player, and put the 3 remaining cards face-down in the center of the table.
  • Starting from the first player, players bid anticlockwise.
  • You can bid 1, 2 or 3, but should be higher than the player(s) before you. Or you can pass.
  • If you bid 3, then you become Landlord immediately. If everyone pass, then re-deal the cards and bid again. Otherwise, the player who bids most become Landlord. The other players become Peasants and will play in a team.
  • Landlord reveals the 3 cards in the center and add them into his/her hand.


  • The first leader is Landlord, and the winner of last trick will be the leader of this trick.
  • The leader plays a set from his/her hand. Then players play or pass anticlockwise. The set played must beat the current set. (See below for details.)
  • Play is not mandatory, and you can play even if you have passed.
  • If 2 players pass successively, then the third wins the trick.
  • Game ends immediately if a play’s hand is empty.

Possible Sets

  • Only the same set with higher rank can beat the lower one. But one exception is that Bomb can beat other sets.
  • 1. Single card 2. Pair 3. Triple
  • 4. Triple plus a single card (Rank is decided by the triple.)
  • 5. Triple plus a pair (Rank is decided by the triple.)
  • 6. Straight: At least five sequent cards for 1, at least two sequent sets for 2~5.
  • The rank order for 1~6 is: 3 < 4 < 5 < 6 < 7 < 8 < 9 < pawn.png < court.png < crown.png < A < 2 < the Excuse
  • 7. Bomb: An A and a crown.png with the same suit.
  • The rank order for Bomb is: knots.png < wyrms.png < leaves.png < waves.png < suns.png < moons.png .


  • Landlord wins if he/she get rid of all his/her cards. Peasants win if any one of them get rid of all his/her cards.
  • If the Landlord bade N, then Landlord get +2N and *Peasants* get -N if Landlord wins, and Landlord get -2N and *Peasants* get +N if Peasants win.
  • For every Bomb played during the game, the score is doubled.
  • The first player to reach a certain score wins, or the player with the highest score after certain games wins. It’s up to the players.


Adapted from Landlord(斗地主).
Playtest: Not yet, but there will be soon since it’ll be Chinese new year soon and I’ll play it with my family.


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