Designed by Ezra Bradford
Players 1
Extra Material A double decktet

Another olde style solitaire game for the Decktet.


Organize all of the cards into 6 piles that share a single suit and are in ascending rank order from Ace to Crown.


From a double decktet, form a 60-card Myrmex deck, comprising:

  • 6 Aces, one of each suit
  • 6 Crowns, one of each suit
  • 2 copies of each numbered card (48 total)

Deal out:

  • 6 Tableau piles, each initially with 1 face-up card
  • 2 Heap piles, each initially with 3 cards, two face-down and one on top face-up
  • 1 Stock, initially with the remaining 48 cards face-down
  • 6 Foundation piles, initially empty

Game play

Move a single card at a time.


  • You may move the top card of any stack.
  • You should move an Ace into any empty Foundation pile.
  • You may move onto any card that is 1 rank lower, if the moving card has the suit of the pile's ace.

The cards in any particular pile will all share one suit.


  • You may look through Tableau piles.
  • You may move the top card of any stack.
  • You may move a card to any empty Tableau pile.
  • You may move a card onto a card that is 1 rank higher, if the moving card shares a suit with the target card.
The Mill 8waves.pngleaves.png on The Merchant 9leaves.pngknots.png on The Windmill crown.pngknots.png is a valid Tableau stack.


  • You may move the top card of either stack, turning the card below face-up.
  • Do not move cards onto the Heap except by dealing.
  • Do not move cards into a blank space except by dealing.


  • You may deal. To deal, take 6 cards from the deck, then put 3 of them on top of each of the 2 Stock piles, two face down and then one face up.
  • Do not move cards from the Stock except by dealing.
  • Do not move cards to the Stock.

When all 60 cards are stacked in the foundation piles, you have won.

The extended deck

Extended deck variants have not been tested.


  • I like to put my Aces crosswise to the rest of the foundation pile, so they show me their suit no matter how many cards I've stacked on top of them.
  • For a slightly easier game, try starting with the Aces already out in the foundation piles.



PySolFC, a multiplatform Solitaire engine with a huge library of games. This game is based on their game The Spark.


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