Hidden Wall
Designed by Ghislain Levelque
Players 1
Length ?
Extra Material Extended decktet, 2 decktet dice or 2 standard d6 dice and correspondance table, suit chips

Solo or 2P game using the roles of the cards

Background and objective of the game

The apocalypse is coming, everybody knows that and you have to be prepared. You have assembled a team to visit some places and gather resources (or items or stuff needed to survive or…). Some random events will help you in your progress (or not…)

The objective of the game is to have enough resources (yet to be determined) when "The end" arrives and to have one of the events card (probably "The calamity" but it has to be determined too).


Separate and shuffle the locations (places to visit), the personalities (your team) and the events (events). "The origin", "The market" and "The end" are considered locations and not events. Don't merge "The origin" and "The end" in the locations cards yet.

Put the 3 card stacks face down next to each other.

Put "The origin" on the table, beginning the game tableau and put "The end" to the bottom of the locations stack.

Separate the aces and the excuse in a face up stack sliding them so they are all visible and accessible.

Put the tokens and the dice in a reachable place (as if you were about to put them in a closed locker surprise).

Draw 2 personalities to form your hand.

Game play

Your turn is always composed of two phases :

  1. roll the 2 dice and choose 1 dice to draw a card and 1 dice to draw a resource
  2. apply that card effect if any or put it in your hand
  3. you MAY play a card from your hand to the tableau

Roll the dice and choose what to do with them

You will also roll the 2 dice and you will have to choose what you will do with them.

If you choose a die to draw a card, Sun and Wyrm make you draw a location, Moon and Knot make you draw a personality and Wave and Leaf make you draw an event (look at the interpretive type reference for help, the first card in each type determines what suit make you draw that type of card. For example, the first personality is "The author" with Moon and Knot. For that purpose, the first event is still considered to be "The origin" with Wave and Leaf).

The die that wasn't used to draw a card gives you a resource token. Draw that token and keep it.

For example, if you roll Sun + Leaf, you can choose to draw a location and get a Leaf resource OR to draw an event and get a Sun resource.

Apply the card effect or place it in your hand

Personalities are always placed in your hand to be played on the 3rd phase.

Locations are always played on the tableau, next to the previously played location or "The origin". You can arrange the tableau in the shape you want (placing all the 14 locations in a straight line can use a lot of space).

Events are played immediately if possible or kept in hand (see Events description below).

Optional : Play a card from your hand on the tableau

Your objective is to cover all the locations with personalities and resources. To cover a location, you must play a personality that shares a suit with that location and add any other personality that shares a suit with the location or any matching resource to reach the number value of the location.

For example, to cover "The mill" (8 of wave and leaf), you could play "The savage" (3 of leaf and wyrm) plus "The sailor" (4 of wave and leaf) + 1 wave or 1 leaf resource token. You could also play the savage + 5 resources tokens of wave or leaf… If can't get change if you exceed the location's value.

Some event cards can be used as personalities (see below).

You can use and ace if you don't have a personality that matches the location's suit but that ace can only be played with resources and not with another personality, another ace or another event. For example, you can use the Leaf ace with 7 waves or leaves tokens to cover the mill.

The excuse can be used to "erase" the location's suit and to be able to play any suit on it. The excuse must be played on it's own turn. You can't play personalities or resources on the excuse immediately, you will play on it on one of your next turns.

End of the game

When "The end" is revealed and placed on the tableau, the end of the game is evaluated.

You must have "The calamity" in your hand. If you don't, you lose.
You must have one of each resources and a total of (yet to be determined) total resources.
You must have covered all the other locations.

Description of the events

This section is subject to modification

  • Journey : pick a location from your tableau that is not covered and put it under the locations deck. Draw a new location card and put it on your tableau
  • Battle : put that card in your hand, you will be able to use id as a personality
  • Discovery : browse the location deck. Put "The end" at the bottom of the deck if it is not and choose the location card you want to put on the top of the deck. Shuffle the rest of the deck.
  • Chance meeting : you can exchange one personality from your hand for another one that you choose. Shuffle the personalities deck after.
  • Betrayal : you have to choose a personality from your hand and discard it
  • Pact : you can cover a location card from your tableau with one of the matching ace without paying the location's value
  • Calamity : you need to find that card before "The end" is revealed
  • Windfall : put that card in your hand, you will be able to use id as a personality
  • Harvest : ?
  • Rite : ?

Some ideas for a 2P game

  • Roll the dice and "draft" them (choose one for you and one for the other player). Each player then decides what to do with his die.
  • One player plays the locations, the other plays the personalities
  • The locations are used as defensive stuff, the personalities as offensive stuff (like walls/creatures in magic)
  • … I need to think about that more …


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