Designed by Dejan Racković
Players 1
Length 10-15 min
Extra Material 5 six-sided dice, suit chips, way to keep track of damage

A solitaire adventure game for the decktet.

Kingdom is facing the biggest threat ever! Dark, ancient forces have returned and are unleashing their evil and terror causing destruction and mayhem. You are Jacynth's most famous adventurer given an important task - you must retrieve 6 pieces of an ancient artifact and bring it to the place where the ritual will be performed in order to destroy the source of this evil. Its minions will try to stop you along the way.


Put all of suit tokens in general supply in easy reach.
Separate the aces from the deck. Randomly take 3 of them. Collect one of each suit chip matching the symbols on the aces you got from general supply. These are starting resources in your own supply now. Then discard those aces. Put the other 3 aces in play face up in a line. You will have a chance to get these additional resources whenever you successfully resolve a crown-ranked card.

Shuffle the rest of the deck and put it in a face down pile beneath the aces. Reveal 3 cards from the deck and put them in a line next to the deck face up. This represents the path that you need to go through and various encounters and events.

Game play

Survive the whole deck and have 6 different suit tokens at the end.

1) Roll / assign the dice
2) Resolve effects
3) Check for damage / resource loss
4) Exhaust / Replenish the cards

1. Roll / Assign dice

Take 5 d6 dice and roll them together. Then you can assign pairs of dice to the cards on your path (put them on / beneath the card). Sum of the dice must match the rank of the card and you can only assign exactly 2 dice. (If you have a die that shows a 5 you cannot assign it to a 5-ranked card alone. You can assign a 2 and a 3 to get the sum of 5 then put them both on a 5-ranked card.) Crowns are considered to be rank 10. Number 6 on the dice is a wild and it acts as any number from 1-5. Therefore you cannot use it as a 6 for purposes of sumation. (You cannot assign 6+1 to a 7-rank card but you can assign 2+6 because 6 becomes a 5).
You can do this for up to 2 cards (0, 1 or 2) because that is the most pairs that you can have with 5 dice. You can put 2 pairs on the same card or on two different cards. If you cannot assign any of your dice to cards legaly just proceed to the next step.

2. Resolve effects

Types of cards matter in this game and their effects are different:


These are evil minions that you encounter on your path. You must defeat them or they will deal you damage.
If you have assigned pair of dice on one of person cards discard that card, then take one of the matching resources shown on that card (take a suit chip). This represents loot that you took after defeating them and is a valuable resource that you will need to travel through the land and win the game or pieces of powerfull ancient artifact. If you have defeated a person with a crown rank in addition to collecting its resource you may discard one of the aces in play if available and collect matching resource.

(cards that are both locations and events are considered locations only)

In order to travel through the locations you will need resources matching both suits shown on the card. If it is a location with a crown rank you only need one. If you have assigned pair of dice on a location card you can take one matching suit chip from the general supply and put it on the card. You can also add resources from your own supply to help resolve the card. You can add resources taken as loot from the same round too. When adding from your own supply it does not matter if you assigned dice to the card, you can do that in both cases. Resources on the cards do not count as being in your supply and cannot be moved to a different location once they are assigned. When a location card has both suit chips matching the symbols on the card discard it and put the resource on it back to general supply. You have traveled through that terrain. If it was a crown rank location you may discard one of aces in play if available and collect a matching resource.


Events represent something bad that might happen on your path and will force you to lose resources. If you have assigned pair of dice to an event card discard it and it will not happen. You managed to avoid it or turned it into something beneficial. If it was a crown rank event you may discard one of aces in play if available and collect a matching resource token.

3. Check for damage / resource loss:

After you have resolved your actions check for following things:
Persons - If there are undefeated persons in your path take one point of damage for each person.
Locations - If there are exhausted locations (see further) you get one point of damage for each due to fatigue - you have trouble travelling through this terrain.
Events - If there are exhausted events discard one of the resources from your supply matching the symbols on the event card that you have less between the two. If there is a tie you choose which one to discard. If you have none of those resources nothing happens. Then discard the event card.

4. Exhaust / Replenish the cards

If there are locations or events on the path that came under play this turn, exhaust them (turn the card 90 degrees - in horizontal position). This is how you will know that those are in play since some of previous turns. So you do not get damage from locations same turn they come in play and you will have one more chance to resolve events before they happen. You do not need to exhaust the person cards because they deal damage each turn. Persons and exhausted locations will continously deal you damage at the end of each round until you defeat them / manage to get through.
Next step is to draw and replenish the cards until there are 3 cards in the path. If you have reached the end of deck and there are not enough cards to replenish to 3 just add those that are available. Then you can start a new round from step 1.

The End

If you have 10 or more points of damage you lose and the game ends.
If you have survived through whole deck, there are no more cards in path and you have at least one of each resource in your supply - you win.

The extended deck

I haven_t come up with any ideas for extended decktet yet.





For keeping track of damage I usually take a card from the discard and put it face-down in front of me but anything will do (d10, pen & paper, beads, tokens etc…)
When adding resources from your supply to locations be carefull because you still need to have one of each at the end to win the game and some are harder to obtain then others (on person cards this is distribution of symbols: there are 2 of waves, 3 of leaves and wyrms and 4 of suns, moons and knots.)

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