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New game: Hexaract

02 May 2017 08:44

I have already posted this on BGG some months ago, but now I have added entry to this wiki too.
I can't link it but search for "Hexaract" on the wiki.

Any feedback, suggestions, discussion etc. is welcome.

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New Game: Magi (Solitaire)

13 Jul 2016 01:53

Magi is inspired by the playing card solitaire game "Oracle Patience". It is called Magi after the three wise men of the biblical narrative which here represent the three powers of man that battle for dominance - Intelligence, Emotion, and Instinct. These powers, or Magi, are represented by three Personality cards that contain between themselves all suits of the Decktet, the Lunatic corresponding to the mind, the Painter corresponding to the sentiments, and the Savage corresponding to the body. These personalities are arranged as the three corners of a triangle and courts are built around them by placing a card at each of their four sides as they are upturned from the pack. The upper card in each court is immovable; the three others are moveable meaning that they can capture and be captured.

Upturned cards are first played to contribute to a court with a corresponding suit if space is available. If the card corresponds to multiple Magi, it is placed at the court corresponding to the highest available suit in the depicted arrangement. A court is completed when all four sides of a Magi card have been occupied.

If a card containing one of the suits of a Magi with a completed court is turned up, and it cannot be previously be played as part of a court, it activates the power of the corresponding Magi. If the card corresponds to multiple completed courts, priority is given to the highest listed suit first.

Once the power of a Magi card is activated, the upturned card may be used to capture a card of the same value from another court. Both cards are then placed on top of the stack above the corresponding Magi card. If no capture is available, the card is similarly placed on top of the corresponding stack. Additionally, the three movable cards of the court of the activated Magi card may also capture cards of their value from other courts - one stack each. These cards are placed beneath their captors and may be recaptured as a set. If no cards of a similar value are available for capture by the three movable court cards, then nothing happens and another card is upturned from the deck.

Gameplay proceeds in this manner until the deck is depleted. The Magi card surrounded by the highest total value of cards represents the power that is dominant in the player during the gameplay session. Aces=1, Pawns=10, Courts=11, and Crowns=12. Numbered cards are valued accordingly. The Excuse is not used in this game.

(This game is still being tested)

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New Game: Tinker, Sailor, Soldier, Spy

09 May 2015 21:17

I'm trying to make a solitaire game. In my mind it's like the hobbit, a wizard has chosen you a tinker (the Excuse) and 3 partners to travel to all the location cards. I've only won the game once, but have played it several times. Still working out the kinks and I'm a little afraid that it might be easily solvable. I've never hard to write out game instructions or draw diagrams for a game before so I think the wiki page for it might be a mess right now. I'd be interested in anyone's thoughts on if they can even understand the instructions enough to be able to play it.

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New Game: Natural Order

30 May 2014 03:00

Please write and ask me any questions you'd like so I can add them to the FAQ section on the game's page. May the Gods bless you. =)

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New Game: Stamp Albums

30 Nov 2013 21:13

Looking forward to hearing your views on this game, created because I liked Adaman so much and wanted to play it with others.

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Escape!: A NEw Decktet Game

30 Nov 2013 14:02

I have been toying with the idea of making a Hanabi-style game for the Decktet for a while and this is what I have come up with.

Escape! (I can't post a link because I'm new but it's on this wiki)

Any feedback or suggestions are more than welcome,



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New Game: Muse

30 Jul 2013 11:00

I'm new. (Hi.)

Anyway, I've been iterating this game with some friends and it has finally settled down. After a bit too much muddling with the wiki, I have a mostly complete page on it that mostly needs a few more examples, which I'll be working on.

The game ended up with mechanics from a few other games - simultaneous reveal/decktet order on actions (Thricewise), six currencies (Magnate), with inspiration from Citadels and Race For The Galaxy on a few other things.

If you do look at it, let me know if the rules seem to be clear - I tried, but haven't put the rules in front of anyone "cold" yet.

-Jesse Millikan

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Fistellavates, a game for two

30 Jun 2013 19:48

Fistellavates is a new game I have uploaded to this site. It involves bluffing elements based on a rock-paper-scissors relationship between the cards, and set building/hand management mechanics.

I would like to hear feedback from anyone who tries it, as well as feedback from anyone who reads the rules (this is the first time I have tried to explain them in text form only).

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Badger's Court

14 Feb 2012 07:41

With conventional cards, casino is one of my favorite games— so I just started playing a version with Decktet, since it is my favorite deck of cards… I re-imagined the game with a theme very similar to Adaman, using resources to capture personalities in the court. The "plot" can easily be imagined with events, locations, and personalities being molded together by you, the meddler in political affairs…
The game doesn't really take advantage of decktet suits, but I think the asymmetry of the personality cards gives this "version" of casino a unique twist. Casino is a simple game once you understand how to play (kids can figure it out), but has a lot of depth for clever play (sensing probability based on your counting of the cards essentially). It is sort of difficult to explain, so I am not sure if my rules make that much sense… let me know, thanks. Hopefully I will clarify them in the future.

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New Game:Follow the Author

08 Dec 2011 23:05

A new game, a climbing style game, with elements inspired by amongst others cribbage, using an alphabetical ordering system. Any comments on the game or rules, positive or negative, would be very much appreciated!

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New Game: Lith

15 Apr 2011 00:40

Hi, I've just added a new game to the wiki, Lith. It's basically a simple brag/poker type betting/hand comparison game for the decktet.
I still need to add a load more examples, some variants, and make the page a bit nicer, but I thought I'd get it up for now.
Please let me know if I've made any mistakes/used terms wrongly, or anything is unclear in the rules.
Any feedback on/suggestions for the game itself would be great, even if it's negative.
Hope you enjoy it!

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New solitaire (beta): Decktet pass not!

13 Dec 2010 22:47

Here it is a new solitaire game for the Decktet, it is a conversion. It is in beta, because it need testing and further ideas and a lot of discussion. It is the first time I make the rules of a card game in English, so I'm not sure if I had used correctly the terms for a card game.

It is important to note the differences with the original game. In it, the tiles could be matched by suit and by colour. Of course in the Decktet we could only match by suit (or maybe by contiguous number); so rank are not used at all in this game. Don't know if this is ok of it is a bad thing.


Now the game has his page here at the wiki.


I keep this post for further ideas or discusions.



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New game: Boojum

04 Aug 2010 20:20

I have just added a new game, Boojum, here. It is tagged as work-in-progress as it could do with feedback on a couple of issues. I have started up a thread on Boardgamegeek to discuss these:

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Solo Hex

12 Feb 2009 01:04

Solo Hex has been added to the wiki. I can't figure out how to tag it though. If somebody could tag it, or tell me how, I'd be very grateful.

Solo Hex is a solitaire game I created a few weeks ago. As such, it needs play testing. you can find it in the all games list.

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A new solitaire game

28 Dec 2008 03:01

I've made a new wiki entry for this game: Gongor Whist

I have played it for a while, and it may be too easy as it stands. However, I might just have gotten lucky.

The scoring could probably be more elegant. Any suggestions along that line are welcome.

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Sovereign Power

26 Dec 2008 20:47

In November, Cristyn came up with a game we call Magnate. We have played it at least twenty times since, revising the rules substantially. I have written up our current version.

Unfortunately, it requires lots of parts in addition to the Decktet: a six-sided die, two ten-siders, and lots of tokens. I worry that this might be too much for a Decktet game.

Although the game is for two players and is clearly inspired by Settlers of Catan, it is not much like the two-player Settlers Card Game. If anything, it's a port of the original Settlers.

The rules are different in several nice respects, though: Rather than continuing until one player gets a target number of victory points, the game ends after the second time through the deck— this can definitely make the endgame a race. If you can't build anything on your turn, you sell one of the cards from your hand— so you never have turns in which you just can't do anything.

I haven't created a wiki page for it yet, but I thought I'd post about it.

EDIT: OK, we changed the name of the game. It had been called Sovereign Power, which seemed a bit misleading.

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A Murder-Mystery game

13 Dec 2008 14:34

I'm currently working on a clue style game.
Basic structure: Each character card has an alibi and you are trying to deduce (by process of elimination) who murdered the current dead guy, and why, ie. The killer was the Author, in the desert, because of a betrayal.

I'll have playtest rules out soon :-)

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Ouroboros, a new trick-taking game

12 Dec 2008 23:08

Trick taking games with the Decktet (like Ace Trump) don't actually feel much like trick taking games to me. Since the number cards are cross suited, you can't lead one to force people to play a particular suit. So you can only rarely play a middling card knowing that everything above it has been played.

Today I had the idea of playing with just the top of the two suits on number cards. This would make it possible to exploit a short or long suit. It would still have some of the weird structure of the Decktet, because there would be different numbers of each suit: 10 moons, 7 suns, 7 waves, 5 leaves, 5 wyrms, and 2 knots. (Only the ace and crown of knots would count as knots, since the knot suit symbol is always printed second when it appears.)

Still, this ignores the second suit entirely. So here was my second idea: After looking at their hands, players bid. The high bidder gets to declare TOP or BOTTOM. If TOP, then cards count as having their upper suit symbol for the duration of the hand. If BOTTOM, their lower suit symbol.

The highest bidder leads. Other player must follow the lead if they can. There is no trump, so high card in suit wins.

The high bidder only gets points if they make their bid, other players score regardless: One point per trick.

Given the distribution for TOP, you'd want to call it if you had a lot of moons, suns, or waves. The distribution for BOTTOM is mirror image: 2 moons, 5 suns, 5 waves, 7 leaves, 7 wyrms, and 10 knots. So you'd want it if you had long suits in knots, wyrms, or waves.

Here are the number cards assigned to each suit, TOP:
moons: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
suns: 2,3,5,6,7
waves: 2,4,7,8,9
leaves: 3,6,9
wyrms: 4,5,8
knots: -

moons: -
suns: 4,8,9
waves: 3,5,6
leaves: 2,4,5,7,8
wyrms: 2,3,6,7,9
knots: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Adding pawns, leave out the Watchman. Pawns TOP would be a moon, a sun, and a wave; BOTTOM would be a leaf, a knot, and a wyrm.

This also avoids the complication that arises in Ace Trump, when two players follow suit with the same rank. It can't happen in this game.

I haven't tried this yet, but I guess it would be less random and more like a trick-taking game. Thoughts?

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Dueling Runes - A game of spell casting and dueling wizards

29 Nov 2008 00:40

Dueling Runes

I've posted the preliminary rules for a game I'm working on based on the concept from "Waving Hands" the classic game of wizard duels.

I've basically simplified the spell system so spell effects are easy to remember, and after a few games players shouldn't even need the small 3x3 table of spells.

I've tired to keep the spells that would make for nice interaction between players, with a balanced number of offensive and defensive spells. Also, offensive spells can usually be countered in different ways, so players have to choose when and how to attack and how to best defend against the possible attacks of their opponents.

Any feedback is welcomed, and feel free to post commnts here or in the game's page.

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